Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dsc Alarm Trouble Light DSC Power Series 832 Home Security Alarm - How To Clear Trouble Communications ;pressing # On Mobile Does'nt?

DSC Power series 832 home security alarm - how to clear trouble communications ;pressing # on mobile does'nt? - dsc alarm trouble light

I tested to check the alarm on my phone the receipt of a complaint against the invaders, my phone rang, but did not stop by pressing # on the phone to beep and the security is still a solid phone Mobile (8-10 times) and there is a problem with a yellow light on the panel reads now.It have communication problems! I can still set the alarm for two "Away" Stay and "mode and trigger the alarm again, without the # key on your phone does not send the signal from the alarm! Please help me realize that in order to avoid a call out for the engineer!


David B said...

Check with the manufacture .....

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