Friday, January 22, 2010

What To Write In A Card For Someone Who Just Had A Baby Can Someone Help Me Write A Baby Shower Card?

Can someone help me write a baby shower card? - what to write in a card for someone who just had a baby

I am very bad at writing letters, I never know what to say. The woman with her baby is a friend of mine, she moved to the area just friends, if we are not too close, and is a surprise baby shower. It was a good boy. Everything I to this day: "Congratulations on the birth of a child." Can anyone help?

Thank you:)


vilayti_... said...

Something like this:

"Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, can not wait to meet him!" (corny, but cute)

And of course,

"We all want the best"

Should be simple, but sincere and do not know.

Hope this helps!

The-Mom said...

usually have not a baby shower for the second child. But if you write a letter to him, just to enjoy her son if they can grow so fast. There is nothing in life worth more than a baby. If you take a shower, ask all the things that are concrete, especially in this economy, but also have a small basket in which each a card in the counseling they can provide for them and their newborns or coupons for baby things.

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